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Vocabulary: windsurf, ski, lightning, monkey, dreams, victory, wake up


I run faster than lightning.
Come and see me. It’s frightening!
I jump higher than a building.
Come and see me. It’s thrilling!
Yes, I’m stronger than King Kong.
That old monkey’s not so strong.
I win Saturday to Friday.
I’m not joking. Get out of my way!

I always win.
I never lose.
I’m just too cool.

But then
I wake up again.

Always win
Never lose
Breaking records
Making the news
I get gold
Every time
I windsurf or I ski
I’m Mr. Victory
In my sweet dreams

1x: Dani’s got the ball. He runs. He cuts. He’s up. It’s in! Dani wins! Dani wins! Yes, sir!
2x: Dani’s got the ball. He shoots. He scores!
Dani wins again!
3x: Dani hits. It’s going long. It’s a home run!
Dani wins again!

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