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Vocabulary: fishing, sail, climb, play tennis, read, go rafting, cook, rollerblade
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Summer´s here.
Vacation´s near.
I want to go fishing
And sail in the sun.

School is done
In just a week.
Let´s go to the mountains
And climb up a peak.

No television for a month (Oh no!)
I´ve got to read a lot of good books
I´ve got to play, I´ve got to run
I´ve got the trees
I´ve got the sea
I´ve got the pool
And I´ve got you

I like playing tennis
I like reading books
I like going rafting
And learning to cook

I like rollerblading
I like singing songs
I like dancing to them
Won´t you dance along?

Dance, dance, dance along
Dance, dance, dance
Come on!

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