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We use fun songs and meaningful movement to make learning English fun. With our
downloadable worksheets and flashcards, children will enjoy learning real language,
structures, and pronunciation.


Every line of every song has a dance movement based on its meaning, a hugely important
tool to support language learning.


Kids love our songs! We know because we´ve tested them in over 3,000 live concerts!
They´re simple to sing and simple to teach. But with maximum musical variety and radio-ready sound, they´re never boring.
Add in our animated lyric videos and kids won´t want to stop singing.


We have over 300 pages of fun, colorful worksheets to fully exploit the real-world language of our songs. They´re a powerful tool to bridge the gap from the sheer joy of singing and dancing to language acquisition. Written by renowned Oxford University Press author Nina Lauder and super teacher Nuria Sanchez.

Over 600 flashcards for kids to cut out and practice vocabulary. Great for games, spelling bees, memory exercises, drills, TPR activities, and more.

Meaningful movements are a super-charged learning tool, and in our songs, every single line has an action related to its meaning. So every time kids sing a song, they also tell its “story” with their movements.

With Dancing English, it may look like kids are “just” having fun singing and dancing, but they´re actually enacting the meaning of the songs with their bodies, involved in a multi-faceted learning process. And with foreign-language learners, the use of such movements is effective not just for younger children, but all the way up to upper primary.

Dancing English is the only method that uses meaning-based actions 100% of the time. Our songs are written expressly with action in mind.

Now you´re the star! Every song video has a karaoke section. Besides being fun for students, it allows for easy evaluation of student ́s ability to reproduce a song ́s language.

Our lyrics are based on real language for real life. We use language that applies to childrens ́ day-to-day world. With our lyrics sheets, kids can read along with the songs, as well as practice spelling, reading and pronunciation independently of the videos.