Dancing English songs are created specifically to teach English language skills. But that doesn´t mean they can´t be fun! And we´ve kid-tested our songs to make sure they are. Rather than sing another pre-school song about farm animals, older kids enjoy using their imaginations. They love dancing dinosaurs, Martians that fly around, and children who turn into robots because they watch too much TV.

They also enjoy songs about everyday situations they can relate to, like going to the beach, riding a bike, sharing with friends, or vacation activities of all kinds. And they´re quite open to songs about values. Our songs talk about the same values that appear as curricular objectives in the U.S. and countries the world over.

Our lyrics are also multi-level. In the real world, children´s experience of language is not tightly controlled, like in a language textbook. They hear, and experiment with, many levels of vocabulary and registers of speech. With a song as a support mechanism, kids can produce speech easily, even if imperfectly. Younger or slower learners will usually start singing a song much less “perfectly” than an older student. But that´s precisely what we want them to do: practice producing speech, getting closer and closer to understanding the lyric´s meaning and to mastering its production.

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