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Dancing English_CD One
Dancing English_vaquita

DANCING ENGLISH CD1 - coming soon!

Big kids have big energy! Primary students don´t want music for pre-schoolers! Dancing English CD 1 is full of cool, fun, high-energy songs for older children. They use real-world language and rocking sounds that kids can relate to. And they´re written so every line has a meaningful movement. Download the song actions and turn the CD into a whole-body,
hands-and-feet, 100% fun time. Just don´t let the kids know how much they're learning!

Conceived of as a multi-level method, our songs will motivate language learners from kindergarten through mid-primary.  
For EFL/ESL learners, they can be used in primary levels 1-6. Yes, you read right: when they find music appropriate to their age, upper-primary kids love to sing and dance!

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