The Importance of Actions

Meaningful Movement:Our Super-Charged Learning Tool


Kids learn by doing. Dancing English is all about meaningful movement: every single line in our songs has an action related to its meaning. The use of movement with music is hardly a new idea in language teaching; it´s a powerful and well-documented learning tool that´s been around for a long time. But Dancing English is the only method that uses meaning-based actions 100% of the time. In fact, when we write a new song, if we can´t think of a meaningful gesture for a given line….well, it gets thrown out and we keep looking for a better one! Our songs are written expressly with action in mind. When it comes to teaching language skills, this is a big advantage over traditional children´s songs, many of which were not written with movement in mind.

One-action-per-line makes Dancing English a whole-body, 100% participatory experience. But don´t take our word for it. In this video, you´ll see kids who are rocking out and singing like crazy, but who are also enacting the meaning of the songs with their bodies. It may look like they´re “just” having fun singing and dancing, but they´re actually involved in a multi-faceted learning process. Every time they sing a song, they tell its “story” with their movements. And with foreign-language learners, the use of such movements is effective not just for younger children, but all the way up to 12 years old.