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Dancing English_ What is D.E.?

What Is D.E.?

Cool music for big kids—not little kids 

Forged out of thousands of children´s concerts, Dancing English was created to teach English and language skills to primary-age children through music and movement. Kind of like Super Simple Songs, only for older children. Because big kids have big energy, and they need songs to match. Take a look at our intro video and you´ll see kids performing a meaningful movement for every line of every song. Combine this with songs kids really love, real-world lyrics they can relate to, and our free worksheets—and you´ve got a powerful teaching tool.

We admit it, we love fooling kids. We write fun, cool, rocking songs that to primary-age kids don´t sound like “educational” music at all. But teaching English is what we´re all about. And we know older kids love these songs because all of our songs are kid-tested. They´re easy to teach, easy to learn—and they don´t sound like children´s music! Maybe that´s because our music is recorded by Grammy-level musicians who record and tour internationally.

How good are the songs? Oxford University Press called on founder Daniel Griffin to write all the music for one of its primary English methods. And he tours the world with one of Latin rock´s biggest artists, so he knows how to get a crowd dancing and shaking! But don´t take our word for it—take a listen here.

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