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Dani in concert


Want to know if kids will like a song? Take the music to the people! Since 1996 Dancing English creator Daniel Griffin has done just that, performing some 2,500 children´s concerts for primary and pre-school students, making the native Chicagoan Spain´s #1 children´s performer in English.

Everyone knows kids can be tough critics. Hundreds of school gyms and theaters have served as a real-world kids´music laboratory, where kids will definitely let you know if they´re not having fun!

These multi-age concerts are the main reason we write multi-level lyrics. In the real world, children´s experience of language is not tightly controlled, like in a language textbook. They hear, and experiment with, many levels of vocabulary and registers of speech. Dancing English is multi-level precisely because kids are, well…multi-level.

Kids dancing
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