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Dancing English founder Daniel Griffin is honored to have been commmissioned by Oxford University Press to write all the music and most of the lyrics  for over 70 songs and chants for its series Stay Cool*. That´s a lot of new music! First released as Cool Kids, the series proved so popular that Oxford decided to revise and re-publish it a decade later as Stay Cool. In this series for grades 1-6, “English is introduced through familiar, real-world contexts and a multicultural approach that every child can relate to.” Just like Dancing English.

As part of this collaboration, Oxford staged dozens of Daniel´s action-based children´s concerts, including his largest shows ever—2,000 rocking sixth-graders in a single morning! Who says older kids won´t sing and dance? Stay Cool also afforded an exciting opportunity for Daniel to take his high-energy teacher workshops all over Spain, showing how to take full advantage of the powerful learning tool that good songs can be.

Check out Daniel´s article for Oxford Primary Magazine about using music and meaningful movement.

*Some lyrics written with authors Paul Davies and Amanda Cant.

Cover of Oxford University Press English-teaching method "Stay Cool"
Oxford University Press_ Dancing English
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