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Grammy-level pros? Radio-ready sound? Kids notice the difference!

Why do Dancing English songs sound like they came straight from the radio or TV? Because our musicians are the kind of people whose work actually is all over the airwaves, and they tour all over the world. The person who does the final sound polishing on our songs has worked for no less than Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Wow!

The Dancing English singers are American born-and-bred, consummate music industry professionals. Working in New York and Los Angeles, theirs are voices you´ve heard many times on TV, radio and major-label CDs.

Being based in Madrid, founder and native Chicagoan Daniel Griffin is able to call on some of southern Europe’s finest rock instrumentalists. These folks tour the world and play on albums that earn Grammy wins and nominations (American and Latin Grammys). When songs are recorded by artists of this caliber, you can definitely hear the difference—and so can kids!

Dancing English: music for big kids that sounds like it´s for grownups

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